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Sardinia is among those islands that are largest and offer the longest coastlines. It is an ambiguous part of Italy which holds the privilege for hosting tourists and visitors from all over the world in numerous numbers. Well, for your next vacation on Sardinia beaches, you must have the adequate information about the hotels, beaches, ...

Although Sardinia is part of Italy, in many ways it is completely different from the mainland. The natural beauty is vast and unparalleled and whatever your interests, chances are that Sardinia has it. If you’re  nature buff, there are certain itinerary’s you could follow, if you’re into beaches, there are hundreds to choose from, if ...

Sardinia offers unparalleled beauty with its clear, clean waters and beautiful white sand beaches. With over 1,850 kms of pure coastline, you can be spoilt for choice and can have your pick to lie on any one of the hundreds of beaches and explore the hidden coves which dot the landscape. Depending where you are, ...

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